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How To Select The Best Gaming Payment Methods?

E-sports gaming industry is now ruling the entertainment market. This made a sudden boom in this industry, and now people are taking more interest in play online multiplayer games rather than a single-player story-based. In fact, in the battle royal tournaments, people are now willing to pay for in-game purchases like personal customization and other factors and E-sports tournaments. In order to accept payments from customer for in-game purchases, a game business owner or a game developer needs to integrate some gaming payment methods. Some of the popular payment methods for gaming are as follows:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • E-Wallet
  • Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency
  • Net banking
  • Echeck/ACH

Credit Card Processing Solution For Online Gaming

Credit cards are one of the preferred payment methods across the globe for every payment needs. That makes it an essential payment method for every type of business to accept credit card payments. For online gaming application, you also need to have an online gaming payment gateway to process all the payments being taken from your valuable customers or gamers. If a business owner starts searching for credit card solution, then they might need to face a lot of hassles and procedures to get the card processing solution for gamin. In fact, there are a lot of chances that a bank may deny the application for some reasons. But now you don’t have to worry about in terms of getting a card processing solution and gaming payment methods. We at Quadrapay are operating with a team of payment industry experts. With our expertise, we will understand your business model and then provide you with the best payment processing solution for your gaming business.
By this approach, you can take benefit of low-processing fees for payments and customized processing solution as per your business needs.

Chargeback Issues In Terms Of Gaming Payment Methods

Chargebacks are the major issue for every processing account in gaming payment methods. If these amount chargebacks surpass the threshold amount, then it can lead to a lot of other penalties and in some severe chargeback cases can become a reason for gaming merchant account termination. In order to provide safeguard business merchants that are associated with us, we provide multiple fraud detection and prevention measures with the gaming merchant account. A chargeback prevention technology with our gaming payment methods will help you to safeguard from surprising chargebacks as it will give you a timely reminder to get it resolved rather than getting a severe chargeback warning upon hitting the red flag.

What Is The Best Alternative Payment Method For Gaming?

There can be a reason that a business may not get approved for a card processing solution or facing expensive rates because of high-risk industry processing. In such cases, companies can take advantage of an electronic check for gaming as payment methods. An Echeck payment method provides the upgraded features of a traditional paper-based check. Because it is in digital form, there is no requirement for the physical submission of checks into the banks. It is now fast to process and settle into the business merchant account.
It is also easy for customers to pay through Echeck for gaming merchant. At the checkout page, a customer needs to select the Echeck method for payment and submit the pieces of bank information, routing number as asked in the payment processing page. Upon approval of the transaction with the payment processor, you will get a notification about the transaction, and if it is declined, it will generate a receipt with the error code and reason of transaction being declined.

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