Now Get Instant Gaming Payment Methods And Solution 2020

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Instant Gaming Payment Methods By Quadrapay

Get These Instant Gaming Payment Methods Now!

The electronic gaming industry is one of the oldest yet always in-demand business sector. From the era of old school retro games like Tekken or Mario to today’s 3D graphics-intensive multiplayer games, the boom for the demand is rapidly increasing. As the development of the game and maintaining, it requires a lot of effort and investments. In order to cover up all the costs, it is vital to have a seamless payment processing solution which allows in-app purchases and online gaming payment gateway. As today’s generation is always on the fast move, you also need instant gaming payment methods to fulfil the demands and more immediate payment settlement without any issues.

What Are The Best Instant Gaming Payment Methods?

It was a time when people used to rely on traditional payment methods like cash for smaller transactions and paper checks for significant transactions. But now because of advancements in digital payment services, people now prefer to pay using credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. For US-based and significant transactions, people insist on choosing the Echeck/ACH payment method. That is why a gaming merchant should understand the current scenarios in the payment industry and implement these in their diversified payment processing solutions.

How To Apply For Instant Gaming Payment Methods With Quadrapay?

For instant gaming payment methods, we have several excellent options for a gaming business. The application procedure for instant gaming payment methods is also simple and clear to understand. All it needs is to fill the merchant application form with all required details for the business and submit it. This may include vital information like registered address, processing volume, ticket sale amount and bank details. In order to achieve faster approval for a gaming merchant account, it is advised to submit necessary documents like:

  • Voided check (under the full business registered name)
  • Latest processing records up to three months (if had processed earlier or processing with another processor)
  • Business bank account statements up to three months
  • Gaming Business address proof (utility bills of business)
  • Identity proof of gaming business owner

Features Of Instant Gaming Payment Methods With Quadrapay

At Quadrapay, we prove best in class and most reliable payment processing solutions for every business sectors. From a low-risk account to a high-risk merchant account, we provide the best card payment processing solution. For a gaming merchant, we provide online gaming payment gateway solution which allows a business merchant to take advantage of several benefits. Some of the significant services or features a gaming business can enjoy with fastĀ  payment methods for gaming are as follows:

  • Low-Cost Payment Processing Solutions: We understand that every business merchant wants to expand their business. In order to achieve business success, a lot of sales and profits needs to be collected. But because of several clauses in the gaming industry, most of the merchants need to pay higher processing charges for card solution. With our instant gaming payment methods solution, we offer you the reliable payment processing solutions that are also affordable at the same time as per your business requirements.
  • Support For International Currencies: Nowadays, globalization is the key to the successful growth of the business. For this, a company needs to open and accept payments from offshore business customers. Like our International Merchant Account, we provide game processing solutions which allow a merchant to accept payments in more than 100+ currencies.
  • Chargeback Prevention Mechanisms: For every business, it is highly advised to keep the number of chargebacks as low as possible. For better assistance, our payment methods for gaming also allows a merchant to safeguard from these chargebacks to hit the threshold limits.

For more information on instant games payment, you can mail us at [email protected].

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