Merchant Account UK

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Merchant Account UK

Merchant Account UK Made Easy By Quadrapay

Are you looking for a merchant account in the UK? Then you have reached the right place. Quadrapay is a merchant service broker company. We work with a large number of merchant account providers across the United Kingdom. We believe that the requirements of every merchant vary depending upon the industry type and the transaction volume. Whenever a merchant approaches Quadrapay then our team observes the website and business model of the applicant. Based on our analysis we recommend the most appropriate provider. We understand that these entrepreneurs require merchant accounts that can authorise the payment and hold the amount so that it can be transferred to the merchants business bank account after deduction of the transaction fees. Our payment processing partners are considered as few of the best credit card merchant account providers in the UK.

How To Apply For A Merchant Account In The United Kingdom

To apply for an online merchant account in the UK you can send us an application by filling the contact form. We will connect you with a registered processor that will be comfortable in evaluating your website and the business model. The payment processing company will ask for KYC documents and a filled merchant account application form. The merchant account application will help the processor to evaluate the risk profile and the exposure. Based on the analysis the processor may approve the account in most of the cases. Most of the time if the profile of the business owner is good then you can qualify for a low risk account in the UK. In case if your credit score is bad or you operate in an industry that is considered high risk then we may help you get a high-risk merchant account in the UK. Our partnership with reliable payment processing companies in the UK and across the European Union helps us in providing assistance to low and high risk merchants. We can assist you in getting online payment gateway as well as virtual terminal so that you can accept orders over the internet and also over the phone. These payment service providers offer excellent support to the merchants. The card processing companies that we work with offer the ability to accept payments through credit cards of different brands. They also offer multi-currency payment processing so that you can accept payments from customers located in different countries. Local processing solutions help you in improving the success ratio of online transactions. Credit Card processing companies in the UK will provide you with the API information. You can easily connect your website with the payment gateway so that the transactions can go through online. The API also helps you to process transactions for subscriptions and recurring payments. If you expect a lot of cross-border payments then Quadrapay can be your perfect choice. We work with a huge range of payment processing companies. Many of these companies provide cross-border payment processing solutions to business is located in the United Kingdom.

Features Of Merchant Control Panel

These providers also offer highly advanced merchant control panel. By using the merchant control panel you can easily monitor your transactions and also get to know about the settlement time frame. The payment page can also be modified with your company’s logo. We also cater to the requirements of high risk merchants and we provide them with the assistance in finding high-risk payment service providers. If your monthly sales volume is phenomenal then some local banks in the United Kingdom may reject your application. To help you with this we can get you connected with multiple processors. Some of these companies also offer High Risk Processing services. These processors will be interested in evaluating your application. If you get the approval for this account then you can split your monthly sales volume on separate Merchant IDs(MIDs).

USA ACH Solution for UK Based Merchants

For international merchants located in the UK, we can also recommend using third-party ACH payment processing companies in the United States. With ACH payment processing solutions you can easily collect payment from your customers that are based in the United States of America. We all know that the United States is one of the largest trading partners of the United Kingdom. Businesses that primarily sell in the United States can actually use the solution. ACH payment processing is quite effective for high risk merchants as well. ACH merchant account comes with a Virtual Terminal and API integration. With echeck for uk
the transactions are verified and later processed in batches at the end of the day.

KYC Documents For A Merchant Account In The UK

Know your customer or KYC documents are mandatory for any Credit Card, Bank account and Merchant Account. Most of the time these documents would include

  1. The business licence.
  2. Identification proof of major stakeholders.
  3. Address proof of stakeholders.
  4. Utility bill of the business.
  5. Utility bill of company directors.
  6. Void check or letter of good standing from the business bank. Suppliers agreement in case if the merchant sells tangible products.
  7. Last year profit and loss statement if available.
  8. Previous processing statement if available.
  9. Business plan.
  10. Any other mandatory licences that may be specific to the industry in which the merchant operates.

Website Compliance For A Merchant Account In The United Kingdom.

Your website should be fully compliant with the requirements of various car brands. This will help you in the approval process. Any payment processing company will first check your website and later evaluate your application. If your website is not complete then the chances are that your payment processing application may be rejected. We encourage Merchant to update their website before filling the merchant account application form.

  1. All the products and the services should be clearly visible and the exact pricing should be mentioned along with them.
  2. Service delivery or product delivery is vital and that is why the shipping policy must be mentioned on your website.
  3. Payment processing companies take GDPR extremely seriously and that is why it is mandatory for websites to have GDP privacy policy.
  4. The contact detail which includes email, phone number and business address must be mentioned on the contact us page.
  5. To secure the transaction information the website must use an active SSL certificate. Please make sure that your SSL certificate is valid for at least the next 6 months.
  6. Your site should clearly define your business model.

The more transparency you present to the processor the more comfortable they will be to offer you a solution.

To get more details about merchant account in the United Kingdom then feel free to send us an email on [email protected]. you can also call our UK number +44 05603845586

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.