These Online Gambling Payment Methods Can Make You Rich In 2021

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Online Gambling Payment Methods By Quadrapay

Best Secured Online Gambling Payment Methods To Maximize Profits

Gambling is all about skills and luck, yet it is one of the significant sources of income for a lot of risk-takers. For a gambling business, it is required to have online gambling payment methods. From the online casino, skill gaming, lotteries and mobile gambling, every business needs an online gambling payment methods to accept payments from valuable customers. Now with Quadrapay, you can avail best online gambling payment methods that facilitate your payment processing faster and smoother.

Credit Card Gambling Payments Solution For UK

Credit card is one of the most preferred payment methods, among other practices across the globe. In the UK, gambling commission has banned the usage of credit cards for a gambling business payment. For this, online gambling business owners need something more secure and reliable payment method. With Quadrapay, you can easily apply for a gambling merchant account which provides your access to diversified payment methods. These may include some of the most popular payments methods like e-wallets, electronic checks, cryptocurrencies and many more. For most of the countries where online casinos are legal, we have excellent credit card processing solution with top-rated payment processors. The application procedure is also easy as it only requires to fill the merchant application form with all vital details of your business. At the time of submitting, it is advised to provide necessary KYC documents which makes the application approval for faster. Some of the KYC documents that are must be shared are government-approved identity, bank details under the registered business name, latest utility bills and business registration certificates.

Deposit And Withdrawals With Cryptocurrency For Online Gambling Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies have changed the way of transferring funds from one account to other. These cryptocurrencies become so popular and beneficial that now most of the businesses prefers to accept crypto coins as the preferred payment method. If a customer wants to use real money for online casino games, then a crypto wallet would be the best among other online gambling payment methods. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Best Cryptocurrencies For Gambling Business Deposit Methods:

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a well-established cryptocurrency since 2011. The primary factor that made it so famous and fascinating across the globe is because of its decentralized currency. That makes it far better money for a peer to peer payment without losing the actual value of the currency across various nations. Nowadays, an individual can buy and sell almost everything with the help of bitcoin as a payment method. For online gambling businesses, a bitcoin will be the best-suited option for payment processing. It provides good value and also the confidentiality of identity.
  • Ethereum: Right after the bitcoin, Ethereum is another cryptocurrency which is also booming across various industries as a payment method. The value of the Ethereum crypto coin is steadily rising day by day, which provides a great impression and assurance for its growth in profits.

Echeck Processing Solution For Online Casino

Echeck/ACH is one of the popular payment methods in the United States. There are a lot of circumstances where a gambling merchant finds it challenging to get a credit card processing solution for USA customers. In such cases, a business owner can easily apply for an Echeck processing solution with Quadrapay. This echeck solution is an advanced revision of traditional paper checks. In this, all the transactions are done electronically over the ACH network. Echeck/ACH provides a better and reliable payment processing solution for the online gambling business.

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