Finding International Payment Gateways For High Risk Merchants

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Finding International Payment Gateways for High Risk Merchants

International Payment Gateways

Most domestic acquirers prefer to work with stable businesses with strong financial standing. Startups face the biggest challenge. In the world of global commerce, this is a bit unfair. Offshore providers located in EU, Asia, and Africa are very aggressive in taking a risk.

High Risk payment processing is still possible through offshore payment providers. These PSP’s are comfortable in onboarding merchants from the following industries.

  • MLM – Direct Response – Direct Marketing
  • Subscription
  • Continuity
  • Tech Support
  • File Hosting
  • Adult Video Streaming
  • Adult Toy Shops
  • Non-Branded Products
  • Software Sales
  • Bad Credit Merchant Accounts
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Non-Controlled Pharmacy
  • Online Dating Sites

These High Risk merchant accounts offer online credit card and ACH/Echeck processing. Businesses can use the Payment Gateway provided by the PSP. This means that the merchant does not need to individually get a payment gateway. These offshore processors offer 24/7 Customer support. A friendly customer service representative is a great help with transaction related issues.

The Application process is simple and there is no upfront charges. When you send us the application and the KYC/KYM documents then we send it to the PSP. The PSP generally responds within few working days. Most of the accounts go live within a weeks time.

The services include payments by web and email link. These solutions can be easily integrated with chargeback alerts and notification services.

Once you place an application with us a service representative will contact you. We will help you with your credit card payment processing requirements.

Startup businesses with low processing volume can also use these solutions.

Features Of International Payment Gateways

Multicurrency Processing

Most of the international payment gateways allow merchants to offer price to the customers in local currency. Customers prefer to make payments in their national currencies. This creates big impact and trust. A customer in the USA would prefer to pay in USD rather than paying in CNY.

Advanced Fraud Scrubbing and Prevention

Payment processing industry struggles every moment in keeping the bad guys away. This is done by implementing various fraud scrubbing tools that help the international payment gateway company to avoid fraud transactions.

Settlement in Local Currency

International payment gateway companies acquire merchants from 100+ nations. Merchants may prefer to get the settlements in the local currency. Few of the processors offer the settlement in 20 plus currencies.

Multiple Payment Modes

Merchants must be aware that global payment processing does not only involve few card brands. It should also involve the local Alternative mode of payments. Please ensure that your International Credit Card Payment processor accepts local cards as well. Feel free to ask for the list of local card brands accepted before signing the merchant account agreement. Some processors also offer ACH and Echeck payment modes.

Easy to use interface

The merchant panel or admin control panel of your credit card processing account should be easy to use. Most of the modern payment service providers use highly efficient user interface.

Secure Payments 

Make sure your service provider offers a high level of transaction security. They must fully comply with the PCI DSS standards. Merchants website should also be always on Https protocol. This ensures a high level of encryption over the internet.


Pre-Authorisation is very helpful in reducing the Fraud and Return ratio. Ask your processor if they can offer this feature. With Pre-Authorisation merchants can take time to settle the transactions. The merchant should only settle the transaction once the product has been shipped.

Chargeback Prevention

Some processors work directly with Chargeback Alerts and Notification service companies. These processors can certainly offer a better life for the merchant account. In case if your processor is not offering this solution then you can directly contact any chargeback alerts solution provider.

Easy API Integration

Integration is vital and should be easy. Make sure that your teach team knows how to install the API on your sales website. Most processors will share sandbox API information.

Email, Phone and Chat Support.

The more support Channels you get the better it is. Only work with processors that offer highly reliable support channels. Most companies offer support on multiple channels including Toll-Free numbers, Paid Numbers, Email, Chat and Online Helpdesk.

Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra
Bankim Chandra is a Merchant Account consultant. He works with merchants globally and helps businesses in getting reliable payment processing solution. He writes extensively on the internet about Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing, Echeck Processing, Chargeback Alerts, ACH and Business Funding.