A High Risk Virtual Terminal Is An Outstanding Solution For High Risk Businesses

High-Risk Virtual Terminal Quadrapay

A High Risk Virtual Terminal Is An Outstanding Solution For High Risk Businesses

High-Risk Virtual Terminal Quadrapay

Virtual Terminal For High-Risk Merchants

A high-risk virtual terminal fulfils the need of merchants involved in high-risk industries. Merchants who have an online eCommerce website or even a brick and mortar company requires a virtual terminal. This way, they can process credit cards payments. Some businesses need a High-Risk Virtual Terminal to process MOTO payments, eCheck, ACH or check 21. The virtual terminal solution helps merchants to process payments flawlessly. No matter whether it is a telephonic payment or in-person payment. In today’s time, most of the businesses require a virtual terminal, especially high-risk merchants. It helps them to start their digital journey by accepting money through digital payment methods.

It is challenging for high-risk industries to get a high-risk virtual terminal. But we at Quadrapay understand the needs of every industry. We are specialized for every industry type; low, mid, high-risk oriented. Stay tuned with us to know what are the types of payment a merchant can accept through a virtual terminal solution.

High-Risk Virtual Terminal Fulfills All Your Payment Needs.

Usually, businesses accept credit card payments by entering the details into the terminal. But this is a myth that a virtual terminal can only be used as card-not-present transactions or transactions over the phone call or MOTO payments. A virtual terminal can be used for both card-present payments as well as card-not-present payments. Even it can be used as a credit card terminal. Most of the processor also provides an external hardware device or EMV compliant terminal to swipe the card. The terminal gets plugs into your desktop via a USB cable. The payment done through swipe terminal is considered as card-present payments.

  1. Credit card Processing: With a virtual terminal, the merchants can process credit/debit card transactions. A prepaid card can also be processed through the virtual terminal.
  2. eCheck Processing: The businesses involved in accepting eCheck payments, a virtual terminal can be a good option for them. The merchants can accept payments by asking the customer’s bank account number, routing number and name as in the bank account. He then enters the details into the virtual terminal to process the transaction.
  3. ACH Processing: A virtual terminal can also be used to process ACH payments. The transaction gets processed through the ACH( Automated clearing House) network. The ACH transactions are governed by NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association).

What Type Of Businesses Requires A High-Risk Virtual Terminal

Any business can have a Virtual Terminal Solution. Usually, the payment solution is most adopted by companies who deal with customers via telephone or mails. Companies like service-oriented businesses, home-based businesses are benefited most from a virtual terminal. Telemarketers who sell their product via phone use a virtual terminal to process credit card transactions.

Features Of High-Risk Virtual Terminal

  • Accept MOTO Payments: Accepts payments over the phone, mail or even fax. Millions of businesses are accepting credit card payments over the phone.
  • Accept ACH/Echecks: Able to process ACH, echeck or check 21 payments. Taking multiple payments methods helps to boost your business.
  • PCI Compliant Payment Gateway: The virtual terminal is PCI-Compliant and follows PCI-DSS standards. It helps in secure payment processing.
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts: A virtual terminal can be distributed among multiple accounts or between various employees. It means a single virtual terminal account can be used by multiple employees. This feature helps to handle transactions by multiple employees.
  • Multi-Level Access: A merchant can control the access level if he distributes his account among various employees. Every employee can have a different level of access.
  • Recurring Billing Feature: A merchant can also set a recurring billing for customers. The payment gets debited from your customer’s bank account at every recurring billing cycle.
  • Generate Email Receipt and Reports: An invoice gets generated with every transaction and goes to the customer’s mail address. A merchant can also analyze the report of all the transactions, either daily, monthly or weekly.
  • Fraud Protection: In-built fraud protection tool that helps to secure transactions from online-fraud.
  • Fast And Reliable Transaction Processing: The transactions get authorized within seconds, and the funds get settled into your merchant account.
  • Simple And Easy To Use Interface: A virtual terminal is a simple and easy to use merchant interface that processes payments with ease.
  • Access Anywhere: A virtual terminal can be accessed from anywhere across the globe. A merchant needs only a desktop with a browser installed and required internet connectivity.
  • 24×7 Customer Support

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